February 5, 2023
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SGC executive board and senate elected for 2021–22 academic year

ICRevival has been elected as the Ithaca College Student Governance Council (SGC) executive board for the 2021–22 academic year, and seven SGC senators were also elected in the spring elections.   

ICRevival was the only slate that ran for the executive board. The board consists of sophomore Deontae Guy as president of the SGC, juniors Carlos Abreu as vice president of academic affairs and Leticia Guibunda as vice president of campus affairs, freshman Mely Megahed Ramadan as vice president of business and finance and freshman James Zampetti as vice president of communications. 

A total of 112 people voted in the 2021–22 executive board election. The board received 79.46% of the vote, with 20.35% voting no confidence. 

Guy said the board worked hard to connect with both students living on campus and students taking classes remotely. He said the board is grateful to be elected and it is excited to put its campaign into action. 

“Students are beyond excited to get back on campus, see their friends, make new memories and come back together with their student organizations,” Guy said via email. “These last two academic years have been very challenging in many ways for our students. We have a long road ahead, but we’re dedicated to reviving our campus, students and their voices.” 

Sophomore Grace Madeya was elected as Class of 2023 senator, freshman Nick Viggiani was elected as Class of 2024 senator, sophomore Soumyaa Joshi was elected as School of Humanities and Sciences senator and sophomore Tessa Kurtz was elected as School of Health Sciences and Human Performance senator. 

Madeya received 83.3% of the vote with 60 votes and 10 votes of no confidence. Viggiani received 95.65% of the vote with 23 votes and one vote of no confidence. Joshi received 82.22% of the vote with 45 votes and eight votes of no confidence. Kurtz received 79.16% of the vote with 24 votes and five votes of no confidence. 

Junior Maxwell Powers and sophomores Austin Ruffino and Lila Weiser were all elected as senators-at-large. Powers, Ruffino and Weiser are all current senators-at-large and ran for reelection. Up to five senator-at-large positions can be filled in the SGC senate. 

Weiser received 35.35% of the vote with 70 votes, Powers received 25.23% of the vote with 50 votes and Ruffino received 23.73% of the vote with 47 votes. There were 31 votes of no confidence and a total of 112 people who voted in the election. 

Open positions on the SGC executive board for Fall 2021 include the senate chair and chief of staff. The senate chair must be a current senator following spring elections. To be considered for the position, the senator must declare their candidacy and will be elected through the confirmation process. If no one declares their candidacy, the senate will convene without the executive board and select a candidate for the senate chair. The selected candidate will follow the senate chair selection procedure outlined in Article IV, section 12 of the SGC constitution. The executive board is prohibited from appointing or electing the senate chair, even in the event of a tie. 

Open positions in the senate include two Class of 2022 senators, one Class of 2023 senator, one Class of 2024 senator, a School of Music senator, a School of Communications senator, a transfer senator, an international senator, a varsity athlete senator, a club sports senator, an off-campus senator, two senators-at-large, a Students of Color Coalition senator and a graduate senator. 

In Fall 2021, there will be another election for positions that are not filled in Spring 2021.

Syd Pierre can be reached at spierre@ithaca.edu