April 1, 2023
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SGC plans new outreach program

Ithaca College’s Student Governance Council introduced a plan for a new outreach program that aims to increase communication between SGC members and constituents during its second meeting of the semester Feb. 5.

The SGC’s new program will consist of the SGC providing snacks and nonperishable food items in its office for any students at the college. This aspect of the program will also be aimed at providing further encouragement for students to enter the SGC office and interact with their SGC representatives.

SGC President Carlie McClinsey said more conversations between senators and their constituents will be created as a result of this new resource. Adding a permanent location within the SGC office for students to not only gain access to food, but also to SGC members will ultimately improve communication, McCliney said.

“I think that creating a space where people know they can go if they have problems with the school will increase engagement with the senators but also let students know that they do have that support,” McClinsey said. “I think that food brings people together it always has, and it always will.”

This program will be different from past initiatives in its aim at longevity. Rather than being a singular event, the purpose of this resource is to be a sustainable measure that will be available throughout the academic year, junior Anna Gardner, vice president of campus affairs, said.

The SGC also discussed a new Constitutional Review Committee at the meeting. This committee, which will be led by Senate Chair Farwa Shakeel, will be looking at ways to improve the SGC Constitution and will propose any necessary amendments. Shakeel will be looking at the job descriptions of SGC roles.

“Basically we’re just going to be going through the constitution and finding any inconsistencies in the constitution,” Shakeel said. “Just making sure that none of the roles are overlapping with each other because right now, the distinction between director of transparency, for example, and vice president of communications is a little unclear.”

Also discussed during the meeting was a new initiative called Freedom of Expression, Full Participation that Nancy Pringle, general counsel and executive vice president, and President Shirley M. Collado approached the tricouncil about. McClinsey said the committee, which will be assembled some time during the coming weeks, will take a detailed look at free speech policies and opportunities on campus.

“The school is really looking at free speech policies on campus and ways to increase dialogue, increase debate, but also make sure that safety is a main priority on campus,” McClinsey said.

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