June 4, 2023
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Editorial: A fresh voice

A freshman’s plan to clear confusion around the core curriculum faces many challenges but is a worthy effort

The Student Government Association voted in freshman Kaitlin Logsdon as Class of 2017 senator at its Feb. 17 meeting. Logsdon said she planned to confront the confusion surrounding the Integrative Core Curriculum, which the college implemented last fall. In taking on this challenge, Logsdon is demonstrating her initiative to change what freshmen perceive as a complex educational policy.

The ICC requires students to include an additional 28–45 credits, based around one of six themes, as well as major and other requirements. These expectations have not been adequately explained to first-year students, who have expressed confusion for how the various program themes are supposed to relate to their major and minor requirements. Faculty members have also expressed difficulty properly advising first-year students with the new curricular guidelines.

Fixing these problems will necessitate making the program engaging for all involved. Logsdon’s interest may help to vocalize student concerns. Hopefully she will contribute and improve the ICC in fresh ways, despite the challenge of getting the campus to understand its importance so the ICC can benefit students the way it intended to.

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