January 26, 2023
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Letter to the Editor: Lecturer opposes faculty strike

I am a teacher at Ithaca College, not a dockworker. My priority is to my students. The idea of a teachers’ strike is abhorrent to me. No matter what our concerns as part-time instructors, I will not deprive my students of any of the education that they and their parents paid for. I am not so absorbed in my own self-importance that I will place it before the trust of my students. Are union tactics for the dock and the factory appropriate for bargaining at a non-profit private professional college, in my case, my beloved Alma Mater? If we are creative, we can find ways to influence bargaining that do not steal from our students.

Kurt Lichtmann
I.C. M.M.Ed. ’82
HSHP PALS Part Time Lecturer