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Looking past the degree

By | May 3, 2012

When I sat down Sunday night to write this column, as I do each weekend, I had a pretty solid idea of what I wanted to write about. By the time this article goes to print, I will have less than 1.5 million seconds left in my college career. In just 17 days, I will…

Challenging the status quo

By | Apr 26, 2012

Each week since the beginning of the school year, I have been lucky enough to get to write 450 words about whatever is on my mind in relation to sports.

Violent hits taint playoffs

By | Apr 18, 2012

Thrilling, unpredictable or intense. Any of those three words could be used to describe the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs. But sadly, vicious and dirty hits, fighting, and suspensions have marred this year’s playoffs.

Media extols sports figures

By | Apr 11, 2012

To say that we hold well-known athletes and coaches to a different set of moral and ethical standards in this country is an understatement. We often consider an individual’s pursuits in athletic endeavors separate from what goes on in their everyday lives and turn a blind eye to who these people are off the field.…

Golfer strays from glory

By | Apr 4, 2012

When the 79th Masters Golf Tournament gets under way this morning at the Augusta National Golf Course in Augusta, Ga., all eyes will be on Tiger Woods.

Garish team gains savior

By | Mar 28, 2012

When news broke last week that quarterback Tim Tebow was traded from the Denver Broncos to my favorite team, the New York Jets, I was shocked by the move. I was not surprised by the reaction of New York fans and media, however.

March hype beguiles fans

By | Mar 21, 2012

It’s impossible for sports fans to think of the month of March without thinking about one thing — college basketball madness. Of course I’m talking about the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament and the hype that surrounds each game.

Cruel hitting scars league

By | Mar 8, 2012

When news broke last week that St. Louis Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams had paid players to injure specific opposing players during his years with the New Orleans Saints and Washington Redskins, I can’t say I was surprised.

Young teams will conquer

By | Mar 1, 2012

The shortened NBA season is more than halfway over, and though it has certainly met fans’ expectations, there have been just as many surprises around the league.

Gifted player embodied joy

By | Feb 22, 2012

Like many of the New York Mets fans who still remain, I was too young to remember the last time the franchise won a World Series, in 1986. Some of us were too young to remember the electric fastball of Dwight “Doc” Gooden, the sweet swing of Darryl Strawberry, the dazzling defense of first baseman…

Fans dodge sports hiatus

By | Feb 15, 2012

With the Super Bowl over, March Madness one month away and the NBA and NHL playoffs still two months away, we’ve hit the sports desert that accompanies the month of February.

Soccer riots rock Egypt

By | Feb 8, 2012

The week leading up to the Super Bowl between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots dominated sporting headlines across the nation last week. But a much more notable story than the championship game for American football took precedence worldwide.