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From left, sophomore Sydney Brenner, vice president of Hillel, leads a discussion during a J Street U meeting on Feb. 20 in the Six Mile Creek room in the Campus Center. Junior Liz Alexander, co-president of Students for Justice in Palestine, voices her concerns over the lack of collaboration between SJP and on-campus pro-Israel groups at a different meeting April 11.

Israeli-Palestinian conflict reflected in campus community

By Kate Nalepinski, Life & Culture Editor April 19, 2017
Haueter said that while the Hillel sector of the college campus cannot meet with certain organizations, Hillel encourages productive, open dialogue.

Egypt backs Russia and sparks unofficial Cold War

By Isabella Grullon November 8, 2016
The economic relationship between Egypt and Saudi Arabia was the only thing that kept Egypt from turmoil.
During the two-year civil war, two million Syrian civilians have been internally displaced or have fled to neighboring countries, including Turkey, Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon.

Negotiations with Syria help put potential U.S. attack on hold

By Michael Tkaczevski, Assistant News Editor September 12, 2013
President Barack Obama addressed the nation Tuesday to justify intervening in Syria, to force Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to relinquish his chemical weapons, which Assad agreed to do under threat of a U.S. cruise missile strike.

Election central: taking a look at the most contested issues in the 2012 election

By Jack CurranRachael Hartford, Staff Writer and Politics Columnist October 11, 2012
With a three-part series, The Ithacan will take a look at the most contested issues in the 2012 presidential election
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