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Editorial: What’s next for higher ed?

By | May 1, 2013

The landmarks of the past academic year have centered on Ithaca College’s search for a future. This future is expected to blend the depth and academic rigor of classic in-the-classroom learning with the real-world applications of a more modern education. Internet-based academia is changing the structure of higher education. Massive open online courses give anyone…

Editorial: Use new media responsibly

By | Apr 24, 2013

When a tragedy on American soil sparks a widespread sense of nationalism, the mainstream media finds itself in a powder keg holding a match. This was the case for major news organizations during the Boston bombings and the subsequent manhunt. The reporting from Boston shed light on the many opportunities for failure in America’s current…

Editorial: Students must fight for peace

By | Apr 17, 2013

More soldiers on active duty committed suicide than were killed by enemies in combat last year, according to a figure released by the Department of Defense. Despite these alarming numbers — 177 active duty soldiers killed themselves, while 176 were killed by others in 2012 — many Americans turn a blind eye to the nation’s…

Editorial: This time for Africa

By | Apr 10, 2013

Africa Week, a student-sponsored week of speakers, films and open discussion on stereotypes of Africa and Africans, attempted to break down the mainstream narrative of war and poverty that defines Africa in the eyes of many Americans. The ideas that came out of Africa Week were a welcome and important break from the typical Western…

Editorial: New measure of achievement

By | Mar 27, 2013

romoting undergraduate research in all majors should be a valued component of the college’s curriculum. Students should be encouraged to work closely with a member of the faculty or fellow group of students to delve more deeply into academic topics of interest.

Editorial: The new land of opportunity

By | Mar 20, 2013

As the IC 20/20 vision plan comes into focus, Ithaca College is setting its sights on the next frontier for American college students: China.

Editorial: Can we bank on higher ed?

By | Feb 28, 2013

Until Americans prioritize equality in education, we will continue to fall short. Our society will be strongest when our brightest, hardest-working students are able to get a quality education without having to sacrifice their dreams or goals for fear that they will be unable to repay student loans after graduation.

Editorial: All comments are welcome

By | Feb 20, 2013

President Tom Rochon’s recent attempts to gather input from the students, faculty and staff may mark a new era in open governance and balance at the college.

Editorial: Play it safe

By | Feb 13, 2013

Students who play contact sports, like rugby and hockey at the club level, are still athletes for the college, and it is the college’s responsibility to ensure they have the care they need.

Editorial: Support the arts in education

By | Feb 7, 2013

While STEM education is critical to building the next generation of American scientists, engineers and mathematicians, leaving arts education behind means sacrificing cultural awareness and shortchanging our education system.

Editorial: The front line of civil rights

By | Jan 30, 2013

Last week, outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, with the support of the Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey, announced the Pentagon would lift the ban restricting women from combat positions.

Editorial: Stay focused on the faculty

By | Dec 13, 2012

The administration is taking positive steps toward open communication but must make challenges at home a priority before creating new off-campus programming.