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Simple Core Strengthening & Lower Body Workout

By Francesca Romeo November 28, 2013

Simple Core Strengthening & Lower Body Workout Perform each of the following exercises for 45 seconds. Rest in between as needed   Push-ups. When your arms are straight, touch your palm...

The Importance of Reading Food Labels

By Francesca Romeo November 10, 2013

The truth is, today you have no idea what you're really eating unless you grew it yourself. And even then, you have no control of the waste runoff from other people. Junk will end up in your food no matter...

Why You Don’t Need a Gym

By Francesca Romeo November 3, 2013

Working out with your own body weight gives you FLEXIBILITY in your workout routine. You can go at your own pace and you don’t have to worry about the person hovering around your machine waiting for...

Alternative Cold Weather Workouts

October 25, 2013

Ice Skating is a great low-impact cardio workout! You also use your entire body: your arms swing for momentum, your legs glide across the ice, your abs and lower back help you keep your balance. You won’t...

Targeting Fitness: Training with a Heart Rate Monitor

By Francesca Romeo October 21, 2013

Your heart is a muscle. Exercise it! Aerobic (cardio) workouts make your heart stronger and allow it to work more efficiently. A heart rate monitor can help you pace yourself, as well as inform you if...

Fall into Fitness

By Francesca Romeo October 10, 2013

The sunlight is dimming on the remainder of the fall season, so get out and enjoy the outdoors while you still can! Here are some outdoor activities in Ithaca that you can enjoy through the rest of this...

Gym & Exercise Basics

By Francesca Romeo October 1, 2013

Cardiovascular activity is any aerobic activity that increases your heart rate and makes you breathe heavily. For some people this may be a walk or a jog at first, but plan to start running as your heart...

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