May 30, 2023
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Review: R&B trio blends musical ideas to great effect

By | Feb 14, 2023

“Heavy Heavy” sees the R&B Scottish trio, Young Fathers, beautifully showcasing the power of blending musical cultures together.

Review: Lil Yachty turns to psychedelic rock

By | Feb 9, 2023

On “Let’s Start Here,” Lil Yachty reinvents himself. What is most surprising is how comfortable he seems to be in the world of rock.

Review: Parannoul captures how it feels to grow up

By | Feb 9, 2023

South Korean shoegaze artist, Parannoul, returns with a sophomore album that provides comfort to the terrifying reality of growing up in the world.

Review: Sam Smith sings their inner heart out

By | Feb 8, 2023

Sam Smith’s new album is a powerful mix of gospel, techno and pop music, making “Gloria” an emotionally fulfilling listening experience for fans.

Review: Horror set-up drowned out by lack of depth

By | Feb 8, 2023

Brandon Cronenberg takes after his father, David Cronenberg, through the use of body horror. Sadly, his potential feels wasted on “Infinity Pool.”

Review: Nail-biting thriller meets digital landscape

By | Feb 1, 2023

“Missing” is a tense, digital thriller filled with well-developed tension and drama, even if it does not quite reach the heights of “Searching.”

Review: Powerful ensemble grounds story of survival

By | Feb 1, 2023

Following attacks from the men in their colony, a group of women deliberate on whether to stay and fight or leave in Sarah Polley’s “Women Talking.”

Review: Animated series brings energy to ‘Lupin’ franchise

By | Jan 24, 2023

The cast and crew of “Lupin ZERO,” an engaging animated series tackling the origin story of Lupin, clearly understand the franchise’s characters.

Review: Winter 2022–23 movie and album releases

Damien Chazelle, Guillermo del Toro and SZA are among the directors and artists who released new projects during the 2022-2023 winter season.

Review: Tom Hanks stars in flat remake of Swedish film

By | Jan 22, 2023

“A Man Called Otto,” a remake of a Swedish film, is a nice reminder of the importance of kindness. It’s a shame that it doesn’t go beyond the obvious.

Review: Murder mystery peels back layers of genre

By | Dec 7, 2022

The sequel to the smash hit “Knives Out” delivers, with Rian Johnson crafting a grand, hilarious mystery that does not fall into the same tropes.

Review: Steven Spielberg finds the beauty in his early memories

By | Dec 6, 2022

“The Fabelmans” shines a light on Steven Spielberg’s childhood, providing an honest look behind the curtain into where his love of movies began.