March 26, 2023
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‘Ashes & Fires’: Artist creates twelfth album

Releasing at least one album a year in the last decade alone, Ryan Adams has created a collection of works with multiple genres including rock, folk, alternative and country. His latest work, “Ashes & Fires,” recalls his 2000 solo debut, “Heartbreaker,” and features the most consistent sound of his career.

While the clean-cut production on “Ashes & Fires” makes the music too glossy to fully emulate the rough, emotional tone of “Heartbreaker,” Adams manages to create a similar melancholy feel. The Bob Dylan-esque ballad “Dirty Rain” on the new release would make a fitting companion to the desolate “Call Me on Your Way Back Home” from the 2000 album as both tracks feature a mournful sound with repetitive lyrics that give the song a desperate tone. By echoing his original genre Adams creates a much-needed consistency in his musical style.

Though “Ashes & Fires” echoes the darker sound from Adams’ debut album, it is not completely gloomy. Upbeat songs like “Chains of Love” are reminiscent of 1970s pop and despite the sombre melody of “Come Home,” the lyrics are hopeful. Adams sings, “If you stay right here/ Tomorrow you’ll be fine,proving he has developed a more mature collection.

Adam’s twelfth album “Ashes & Fire” is a thoughtful release that suggests the long-time artist may be just heating up.