March 24, 2023
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‘Metals’: Indie artist darkens sound

Feist, a Canadian indie pop singer-songwriter, took the United States by storm with her 2007 release, “The Reminder.” Four years later, she returns with a fifth solo album that trades her upbeat, spacey sound for a more serious style.

Feist is known as a trailblazer for female vocalists in the alternative scene because of tracks like her hit single “1234,” which poses a feel-good style later echoed by artists like Adele and Florence + the Machine. But, on her newly released album “Metals,” she brings a darkness with raw emotion.

The single “How Come You Never Go There” features her simple chorus style that only has a few lines, but is vocally powerful with her beaming voice over heavy instrumentals.

Feist proves she is a versatile and emotionally charged musician in the new release, but her more light-hearted listeners might find themselves craving the sweet tones she left behind.