February 4, 2023
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Review: Blues singer sticks to strengths

"Music Speaks"

Candice Glover

Following her victory on Season 12 of “American Idol,” Candice Glover released her debut album “Music Speaks.” Glover sticks to what she did best on the talent-finding show: connecting to fans through her empowering lyrics and dynamic vocal range.

Her debut single, “I Am Beautiful,” carries a message of empowerment that has the ability to relate to girls and women of all ages. The song exhibits Glover’s powerful belting ability and her talent to create meaningful music that resonates with girls going through hard times, especially relationships. Several of the songs on the album carry a carefully paced, soulful sound. “Passenger,” “Same Kinda Man” and “Love Song” are all rhythm-and-blues tunes with a slight instrumental edge and moving lyrics, the style of music that Glover does best.

However, her album isn’t completely worthy of praise. Some songs diverge from her typical style and make fans question what genre she is striving for. “Coulda Been Me” and “In the Middle” take on a reggae sound that may confuse the listener at first. “Thank You” and “Kiss Me” are weak songs that contain meaningless lyrics and electronic, artificial backtracks, which don’t show off Glover’s range or her signature edgy R&B style. Despite this disappointment, listeners may not be able to deny the catchiness of Glover’s memorable and striking lyrics, which are bound to leave listeners singing along for the rest of the day.

America fell in love with Glover’s pure and obvious talent and sweet personality while she performed on “American Idol.” Throughout “Music Speaks,” Glover fluctuates from staying true to her belting style with poetic lyrics to veering off the path she set for herself and into staler, electronic sounds. With the majority of her songs sticking to her original style, Glover shows fans that she can apply lessons the show taught her about making it in the industry.