December 9, 2022
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Review: Indie band coasts on love songs

"Fade Away"

Best Coast

Even with winter fast approaching, California indie-duo Best Coast manages to keep the spirit of summer alive with its newest album. The upbeat, power chord–driven tracks expected of the band are certainly not absent in its latest seven-track mini-album, “Fade Away.”

Singer and guitarist Bethany Cosentino’s dreamy voice comes out strong in every track. It’s slightly faded out in most songs, but despite the far-away quality, her singing remains powerful, especially in the slow, hazy power-ballad track “Fade Away.”

While the lyrical content of this album is hardly complex, with all tracks discussing the various stages of love and heartache, Cosentino’s poppy voice paired with punk-rock chords from the guitar help keep the songs interesting. Beyond that, the lyrics themselves are too catchy to dislike. “I Don’t Know How,” a song that begins as a low and slow power-ballad and crescendos to a fast surf-rock jam, is impossible to forget with the repeated lyrics of “You see me everywhere/ You walk around without a care.”

Even though Best Coast does not present many new or original ideas in “Fade Away,” the band has not lost its knack for producing catchy pop-rock hits.

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