October 1, 2022
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Review: Two Door Cinema Club’s lights flicker with ‘Beacon’

Indie rock is everywhere. To many, there may be an eerie sense of déjà vu — another synthesized intro and another cooing male vocalist. Two Door Cinema Club’s sophomore album, “Beacon,” has its shining moments, but regretfully these instances can’t save it from falling into the indie rock template.

“Beacon” opens strong, welcoming listeners with “Next Year,” the standout track. Blooming from a synthesizer drum intro, the song transforms into a showcase for the Irish band’s chemistry, balancing great lyrics with groovy instrumentals. The yearning ballad opens the album explosively. Its lyrics are passionately delivered through Alex Trimble’s lead vocals. However, as the album progresses, the remaining tracks struggle to deliver the same level of quality.

The most disappointing part of the album is the final track, “Beacon.” Sounding more like an amalgam of the preceding songs, it’s a lackluster finale in stark contrast to the grand introduction.

However, the group doesn’t hesitate to produce some memorable tunes, notably “Handshake,” which surely will hook listeners with the catchy chorus. “Someday” exposes an energetic side of the group, with tight, quick guitar and some slick bass lines.

For indie fans, “Beacon” is a refreshing diversion. It loses its magic at times, but keeps its head above water with a few solid tracks. While some songs feel stale and reused, others feel new and original. Inevitably, listeners will find themselves taking the good with the bad, picking a few favorite tracks and forgetting the rest.

Overall rating: 2 stars

Two Door Cinema Club’s second album contains solid tracks as well as a few misses, but overall averages out to be a decent record.

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