June 10, 2023
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Soulful CD soothes fans

Norah Jones’ latest release, “…Featuring Norah Jones” is exactly what the name denotes: a compilation of 18 collaborations with musical artists from 2001-10.

The artists she sings with run the gamut from indie band Belle and Sebastian to musical legends like Ray Charles. The album is a testament to Jones’ versatility, with her husky, soulful voice that can turn bluesy or plaintive by song.

While all the songs have been previously released in many genres and albums, “…Featuring” has a remarkable symbiosis that results in a deliciously mellow hour of strong but soothing easy listening.

Enjoyable tracks on the album are the lilting crooner tune “Love Me” with The Little Willies, the perky twanger of a Dolly Parton partnership, “Creepin’ In”, and the decadently rich “Here We Go Again” with Ray Charles.

“…Featuring Norah Jones” is a lovely showcase of a decade of Jones’ collaborations, which highlight her overwhelming talents.