October 3, 2022
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‘Wildlife’: Band unveils dark release

Three years after the release of its last album in 2008, La Dispute returns with a newfound post-hardcore sound.

While lead singer Jordan Dreyer’s shout singing and heartfelt lyrics are still present, “Wildlife” strays away from Dreyer’s internal conflicts featured in past releases and instead addresses the negative aspects of life around him.

“Wildlife” kicks off with “A Departure,” a rhythmic song that starts out with the low drone of guitar picking but slowly moves into a more post-hardcore sound while Dreyer belts out emotionally stirring lyrics: “I used to never think of death or hear voices/ I used to feel like everything was perfectly in order.” La Dispute shows off effective artistic timing by saving these lyrics until the beat quickens and Dreyer belts out the final vocals.

With its new album, the band hurls listeners out of their normal everyday lives and into the chaotic, dark, wild life that often goes unnoticed.