December 3, 2022
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Challenge 5: Thrown to a Halt or Stop

Before I left for the SPJ conference on Friday morning, I had planned to write a piece on how being gluten free while traveling/at a conference where most of the food is provided is really difficult to obtain.   Instead, I ended up eating a croissant breakfast sandwich, shared pizza from a place on Yale’s campus, pasta and half a blueberry muffin.  It was definitely possible for me to continue eating gluten free but I was not prepared at all.


SPJ E-Board at the Awards Luncheon


I could have packed hoarded snacks from the dining hall, fruits and some granola bars, but those still would not have provided much energy that real food could have provided.  Granted, another E-Board member put me to shame with all of her healthy choices, but I got so excited by crappy food, I needed these past two days to remember what I wasn’t really missing.

That said, I think I’m going to ease up on limiting myself to gluten free foods this week.  However, when I really think about the past two weeks, I can’t really remember a time that I was starving from my lack of options because the dining halls do provide a lot.  I also know that I ate a lot healthier because most of the items in the dining hall that contain gluten aren’t even good for you.  So, I’ll see how this week goes.