March 24, 2023
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Group Exercise #4: TRX

After realizing that I hadn’t tried a new group fitness class since I had become obsessed with BodyPump, I decided that TRX was the way to go.  In the Mondo gym there are TRX suspension trainers (the long bands), and my friends and I have only attempted to use them.  I’m not big on body weight exercises.


Last Thursday at 4pm we signed up for the 4:15 class, which fills up quick because there are only 6 spots.  The instructor, Maggie, was really nice and was aware that most of us were new.  She asked if anyone had any joint problems so she could personally show them alternatives to specific workouts.  Except for the fact that this class was close to a personal training session, it is definitely not something I would rave about.  A lot of the motions were uncomfortable and it wasn’t a very structured class.

The next day I was sore from working out muscles I haven’t tapped into yet, but I don’t think I would go to the class again.  However, it was nice to see how to use the bands could be used in my free time at the gym.