December 8, 2022
Ithaca, NY | 40°F

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How the Sick Can Get Better

If I have any sort of following, I apologize for the lack of posts the past two weeks – It’s been a busy time and I am still getting over whatever sickness I had last week.  Speaking of which; We are getting to the later part of the year where people everywhere are starting to get sick.  The change in temperatures, allergies and being around so many people all of the time can all affect you.  Here are some ways you can get over it all:

Chill Out

We are just getting out of midterms, so I’m sure people were stressing out and getting a great deal of no sleep.  It is really important to schedule in a nap or to get to bed earlier to rest. Grades are important, but so is your health which is really influenced by how much rest you receive.  It was hard for me, but try to stay away from your friends.  Mine are all starting to cough and sneeze.

Visit the Hammond Health Center

My personal first impression of the health center was negative because a lot of friends said they do not do anything.  Maybe I was just in such terrible shape that they couldn’t- not help me? but the nurses and other staff at the clinic were very helpful.  I have health care on file so I was good to go for a walk-in.  I walked up to the window, told them my name and my symptoms, and a nurse was with me in 5 minutes.  She conducted a few minor tests and protocol doctors appointment things, and prescribed me some medication that I could purchase at the health center for low costs.

“Utilize” your friends or roommate

I am really lucky to have amazing friends and a fabulous roommate.  They got me soup and enough orange juice and cough drops to last me through my worse sick day.  (thanks guys <3)

Soups and Soul Food

I did not have an appetite at all this past week, but I remember my dad telling me to “feed a fever”; and I had a really bad one. Each dining halls offer soups- The nice thing is that Campus Center and Terraces usually have a  broth based and creamy based option.  However when you are as congested as I was, broth (like chicken noodle) is the way to go.  And I wouldn’t really call a pulled pork sandwich soul food, but when I threw hot sauce on it at Late Night Thursday, I could finally breathe again.