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Review: Foo Fighters mellow album plays smoothly

"Sonic Highways"

Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters have picked up the microphones and tuned their guitars once again with the release of their surprisingly mellow album, “Sonic Highways.” All eight songs on the album feature Dave Grohl’s distinctive vocals, as well as the band’s classic drum and guitar breaks. The album is an excellent portrayal of the band’s signature rock sound, with heavy drums and guitar to complement Grohl’s vocals, and listeners do not have to worry about the Foo Fighters losing their touch with this album.

“Sonic Highways” begins with “Something From Nothing,” a song that sounds similar to the title track “Skin and Bones” from their album “Skin and Bones.” The song has a mellow, groovy guitar beat, and the majority of the album consists of slower, ballad-type tracks that are reminiscent of the band’s earlier work.

As for the harder rock element on this album, “The Feast and The Famine” is the heaviest rock track, with intense guitar and drums to give the song an edge. This differs from the remainder of “Sonic Highways,” which consists mostly of softer rock sounds with steady beats and lighter vocals. The most relaxed track on the album is “Subterranean,” a song that has light instrumentals and vocals, as well as soft harmonies.

The tracks that stand out the most on this album due to their catchiness are “In the Clear” and “Congregation.” Both songs have an enjoyable balance of vocals, drums and power chords, and are easy to sing along with. The song that wraps up the album, “I Am a River,” begins softly with instrumentals, but then grows to be more intense, with a gradual build of vocals and different instruments. This song is an accurate representation of the entire album, which is a mix of both soft, mellow tracks and upbeat, catchy songs.

Longtime fans of the Foo Fighters may be surprised by the carefree nature of the album, but overall, the band creates an enjoyable listening experience. “Sonic Highways” is an unconventional blend of songs from the Foo Fighters, and once again, they do not disappoint.