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Review: Two Door Cinema Club revives disco with ‘Gameshow’

Two Door Cinema Club


After a four-year hiatus, Two Door Cinema Club released its third album, titled “Gameshow, Oct. 14. Its synth tones and ’70s-rock feel transport listeners back to a disco-era sound — conveniently, as the hype of the ’70s is making a comeback in fashion and media. The Irish indie-rock band successfully introduces listeners to a new sound and creates a nostalgic atmosphere they won’t soon forget.

Pop-rock beats and an instantly catchy tone are prevalent in the first track, “Are We Ready? (Wreck).” This type of sound is what listeners expect from Two Door Cinema Club. The second track, “Bad Decisions,” channels lead singer Alex Trimble’s inner Prince and gives listeners a hypnotic experience that will stay with them all day. The track’s strange lyrics, like “Sold my soul to the television, different kind of art,” make listeners want to sit and analyze them, but the catchy sound will have listeners getting off their feet to dance.

The third track, “Ordinary”, has a similar vibe to “Bad Decisions” with its mesmerizing guitar solo and trance-inducing sound. Trimble repeats the lyrics “pretend we are ordinary,” putting the listeners into a fascinating state. The title track, “Gameshow,” has its strong moments with a really catchy chorus, but lacks substance for the highly anticipated title track. Most of the song becomes repetitive and boring, even with its fun chorus.

“Lavender” is an alluring track that brings out Two Door Cinema Club’s true talent, making the group’s indie-rock album sound fresh. Indie-rock can be just as repetitive as pop, but Two Door Cinema Club proves it has the chops to make something truly different. “Lavender” produces such an intense vibe that listeners will be transported back to a “Saturday Night Fever”-esque nightclub.

A tender guitar solo in “Fever” turns into a harsh beat that brings out the likes of David Bowie.  Bowie and Prince heavily influenced the album, as most of the tracks feel like they were taken right from the rock legends themselves. “Invincible” becomes more of a ballad than any track on the album. Trimble begs his partner not to leave him with strong lines like, “I never wanted you to save me” and “I’ve got to find a way to make things right with you.”

“Good Morning” is a low point for the album — the tune becomes repetitive and boring, while earlier tracks were so hypnotic and engaging. But the album picks right back up with “Surgery”, which begins with a “Stranger Things”-esque synth beat that brings the listener into the sound and funk of the song immediately.

Finally, “Je Viens de La” ends the album with an extremely memorable tone and fun beat worthy of radio time. With an overall entertaining and catchy beat throughout the album, Two Door Cinema Club did not disappoint with its funky third album, which leaves listeners dancing all night.

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