November 30, 2022
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College looks into graffiti

Public Safety officers are investigating six reports of arson or graffiti that have occurred since April 6 in East Tower and Terrace 6 residence halls according to Tom Dunn, Public Safety investigator.

“We’ve had a rash of graffiti all of a similar nature,” he said. “We’re not immune to having repeat offenses occurring — probably by the same person — either until they stop or they’re caught.”

Dunn said the office is looking at the smiley faces as incidents of a similar nature, but is unable to rule that possibility in or out at this point.

“They’re all open investigations,” Dunn said. “We’re trying to identify a person or people responsible and we’re seeking help.”

Dave Maley, associate director of media relations, said Public Safety is looking for the help of the campus community as they continue to investigate the case.

“Public Safety is working diligently with other agencies as part of the investigation, and we hope with their assistance and with any assistance we get from the campus community that we’ll be able to find a person or persons responsible and put a stop to it,” he said.