January 28, 2023
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Music school dean named interim provost

Gregory Woodward, current dean of the School of Music, has been named interim provost of Ithaca College.
The announcement comes just two weeks after President Tom Rochon announced current provost Kathleen Rountree would resign from her position to take up a faculty post in the School of Music. Woodward’s responsibilities as interim provost will begin June 1, according to an Intercom announcement released Monday by Rochon.

“I’m really eager to get at it,” Woodward said. “[There’s] a pretty big plate full of stuff to do in a short time as well as keeping the general workings of the provost office moving forward.”

Woodward has been dean of the School of Music since 2008 and previously served as dean of the Division of Graduate and Professional Studies, a position that Rochon said better prepares Woodward for the tasks ahead.

“[Woodward] knows music education inside and out, but he also knows a lot about the other kinds of education that occur on campus,” Rochon said.

In his temporary provost position, Woodward said he will focus on specific projects like reevaluating the college’s

IC2 integrated curriculum, assessing student learning and overseeing general education requirement changes.

Once Woodward steps up to serve as interim provost, a search will begin for an interim music dean and full-time provost. When the provost is selected, Rochon said Woodward will most likely return to being music dean.

“It’s going to be a very busy year for the interim provost,” Rochon said. “Not one in which he’s simply asked to hold the fort until the next regular provost arrived.”

Keith Kaiser, interim associate dean of the School of Music, said plans are moving forward to find an interim dean for the School of Music.

“Conversations are under way, and there are a lot of terrific individuals,” he said. “Whether [Woodward] ends up being full-time provost or coming back to the School of Music, we’ll all benefit from his work.”