May 31, 2023
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SGC passes amendment and discusses spring elections

The Ithaca College Student Governance Council (SGC) passed one bill and briefly discussed its spring elections at its March 15 meeting.

The SGC passed the Executive Session Amendment with a vote of 14–0 with no absentions. 

The amendment provides clarification for the procedures for the executive session, which limits the attendance to only senate and executive board members of the SGC. A senator must make a motion to enter the executive session and all guests will leave the room. 

The bill removed Article V Section 7 Subsection 6 of the SGC Constitution and amended Article VI Section 2 of the SGC Meeting Procedures Act. 

The bill was sponsored by sophomore Austin Ruffino and junior Max Powers, both senators-at-large.

Ruffino said the bill provides clarification on how the executive session works, and also adds an additional section that states that the Senate can vote to admit guests into the executive session. 

The bill states that guests can be admitted with a two-thirds majority vote from the Senate and can be removed at the request of a senator if no other senators are opposed. 

The SGC also discussed its upcoming Spring 2021 elections. 

Senior Connor Shea, president of the SGC, said that spring elections for the SGC would be held in mid-April. 

He said he would be working with senior Abigail Murtha, senate chair for the SGC, to create resources for students interested in running for positions on the SGC. 

“[We are] going to figure out how to do an Instagram Live to talk about how to run for SGC, how to put a ticket together, how to run on your own, so we are providing resources for people who may have not ever run for SGC before,” Shea said.

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