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Simeon’s bistro to be reopened in June 2016

Simeon’s bistro will reopen in June after almost two years of reconstruction following a tractortrailer crash into the restaurant in summer 2014.

Jerry Dietz, owner of CSP Management, the company that manages the building where Simeon’s is housed, said the rebuilding involved roughly $2 million in construction costs. He said that initially, the goal was to reopen in May 2015, but unexpected issues in the building’s reconstruction, such as the addition of an elevator and issues regarding the building’s age, led to the completion date’s being pushed.

“We’d love to have it open for graduation, but that is sort of a pipe dream,” Dietz said.

A tractor-trailer carrying a load of cars crashed into Simeon’s bistro on The Commons on June 20, 2014. The accident killed Amanda Bush, a bartender at the restaurant and her unborn child and injured five others.

Rich Avery, co-owner of Simeon’s, said said the restaurant will have a new layout. He said the addition of an elevator reduced the space on the ground floor, so they added a dining area on the second floor of the building. He said the new layout has three distinct dining areas: the “oyster room,” the tavern area and the secondlevel dining area.

“The new feel is basically we should be able to have three different experiences under the same roof,” he said. “Each room has different furnishings to create three different moods within the restaurant.”

He also said the menu will be expanded to incorporate cheaper options.

“It’s very similar to the menu beforeexpanding a bit, changing a bit,” he said. “It won’t be exactly the same, but there will be familiar items.”

Avery said it was a good time to expand.

“You think of all the great things that are happening in downtown Ithaca. This was the time to expand,” Avery said.

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