January 31, 2023
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Towers dining hall manager remembered

Timothy Richard Leonard, 64, passed away unexpectedly at Cayuga Medical Center on Monday. Leonard was the manager of the Ithaca College Towers Dining Hall.

Leonard had worked with the Ithaca College Dining Services since 1993. During his time working at the college, he served in several positions, including manager of Ithaca College Towers Dining.

Pam Hopkins, unit controller for Ithaca College Dining Services, worked with Leonard for 19 years and said Leonard made an impact on the dining hall and the lives of other dining service employees.

“I had the pleasure of working with him for his whole duration,” Hopkins said.  “He was a wonderful man. I enjoyed working with him immensely.”

Nicholas Lower, a Towers Dining Hall employee, worked with Leonard for four years.

“He was very humble,” Lower said. “He had the unique ability, no matter how hectic things got, to be even-keeled.”

A U.S. Army veteran, Leonard was skilled at leading his team members in the dining halls he managed. Over the 19 years he spent at the college, Leonard also managed the Tower Club and Sub Connection.

“He knew how to wear a mask well,” Lower said. “If he was upset at a particular individual, he wouldn’t take it out on everybody. I admire that.”

Leonard was also an avid artist and frequently made paintings and drawings for his co-workers.

“He was tremendously creative and talented,” Hopkins said. “I know a lot of employees that have either been given some of his paintings or purchased some. I myself bought one for my living room — they’re just beautiful.”

Leonard was skilled at making intricate designs and frequently made uniquely decorated pastries.

“Everyone loved his famous board of trustees desserts,” Hopkins said. “His pastries were just fabulous.”

Leonard’s creativity was evident in his management style.

“He let each one of us at each station make our own decisions and welcomed our ideas,” Lower said. “I feel like without him, the dining hall is going to lose a lot of creativity.”

The employees said they were thankful to have worked with such an excellent manager.

Randy Mawhiney, who served under Leonard for a short period of time, was thankful to have gotten to know Leonard.

“We just have to focus not on the fact that he’s gone, but reflect on the time we had with him,” Mawhiney said.

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