December 7, 2022
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Editorial: Under one woof

By allowing students with certain disabilities to have pets on campus, Ithaca College is supporting students with physical and mental conditions

Disabilities are not always visible. Emotional and mental impairments could be harder to prove than physical disabilities.

Receiving accommodations at Ithaca College is difficult, as it requires thorough documentation from the student. This could add stress to those already trying to cope with a condition. But the process could be worth the wait. The college has liberalized its policy by granting support animals to those who demonstrate medical needs.

Though the only animals residential halls permit are fish and Guiding Eye dogs, the college is making exceptions for students who could benefit from having a support animal. This is great for students whose quality of life is vastly improved by having an animal live with them, whether the pet serves as a safety precaution or helps improve mental health.

However, certain animals could trigger the allergies of neighbors. Others may simply find it uncomfortable to live around animals. A simple solution would be to designate certain floors or residence halls for pet owners.

The Office of Residential Life’s decision to allow certain individuals to have pets for their well-being is a step in the right direction.

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