January 31, 2023
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Review: Pop-punk singer recreates status-quoe in new album

"Avril Lavigne"

Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne’s self-titled album is much different than the previous four. The once punk-rock singer has now, sadly, turned toward mainstream pop with many of her songs on her latest album.

“Bitchin’ Summer” is one of the more routine pop songs on the album. This song features a techno synthesized beat with an electronic feel that leaves much to be desired. Luckily, many of Lavigne’s songs, especially “Rock N’ Roll” and “Hello Heartache,” show her growth as an artist vocally while still maintaining her instrumental, punk sound.

“Rock N’ Roll” has a predominantly strong electric-guitar lick and drum beat with catchy vocals about people making their own paths and defying others who are trying to dictate their actions. “Hello Heartache” is a slower but catchy emotion-impacting break-up song. Most of the audience will be able to engage in its strong lyrics about struggle and moving on.

In the beginning of “Hello Heartache,” there is an eerie choir introduction, but the track features little instrumentation, making Lavigne’s vocals more powerful.

However, the most emotionally poignant song on the album is “Hush Hush.” This is a slower ballad with a strong piano arrangement and drum beat that sounds like hands clapping. The message of a broken relationship within her vulnerable vocals makes this song one of the more relatable tracks on the album. Though the messages in “Hush Hush” and “Hello Heartache” are similar, the vocals in “Hush Hush” are more lethargic.

Though Lavigne has gone more mainstream, there are some worthwhile tracks on her self-titled record with some positive, upbeat rhythms and lyrical themes.

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