January 30, 2023
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Challenge #2: Washed with Water

My First Challenge was a success!  I did not eat french fries in any dining hall for seven days straight, and to be honest, it was easier than I thought it was going to be.  All of the dining halls have many different side options for any entrees you pick up; ones that are just as savory as fried potatoes.  Even though that challenge is over, I still think that I am going to keep myself from eating them as much: Sticking to French Fry Fridays!

Now onto this week.  Our beverage options at the dining halls are large and varied: Sodas, iced teas, coffee, hot chocolate, and, oh yeah, water.

Even I enjoy a morning cup of joe before my classes, and coffee is by itself good for you.  According to CNN, coffee could cut the risk of skin cancer and protect you from type 2 diabetes.  If you douse your mug with sugar and cream, like I do sometimes, you’re taking the nutrients out of every serving (the same is said for milk and sugar in tea).

As far as soda and sweetened teas go, it’s much better to stay away all together.  Lona Sandon RD from Texas Southwestern Medical Center told CNN, “The calories in regular soda are coming entirely from added sugar, and you’re not getting any value in terms of vitamins or minerals, or even good quality carbohydrates.”  The consumption of sodas has also been associated with tooth decay, diabetes, and loss in nutrients for bone health.

There are many things written about why water is so good and essential for us.  The basics that are necessary to know are it has zero calories, it’s all natural, it energizes us and it makes up about 73% of our bodies.  Living here also means that we are lucky enough to have constant and clean connections to water.  So, let’s utilize it!

This week, I challenge myself and everyone to drink water as their only beverage.  If you feel like coffee is impossible to live with out, stick to one black cup or tea with nothing but the bag and water.  Let’s go for challenge #2 and educate yourself more on the amazing health factors of water!