March 22, 2023
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Challenge #5 + #6: Gluten Free and Extending Exercise

My friend Micol is incredibly adventurous when it comes to new food and exercise adventures.  She has tried all of the group exercise classes with me that I have reviewed and is extremely mindful of what she puts in her body without being up tight about it.  Recently she decided to go gluten free, which she admits to be a challenge on campus, but it is a bit healthier for you.  If it does end up being too difficult, or too much of a change too quickly, I will probably just cut out bread alone.  If I can do it for a week, I’m going to do it for a month, and so on.

Also being the little fit queen that she is, Micol goes to the gym almost twice a day.  Without killing myself, I’m going to attempt to make the same amount of trips to the fitness center, focusing on different things every time I go.  I’m going to write down everything I do to keep track!

Let’s see how this goes!