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Review: 2000s band’s nostalgic tracks please

"Us and the Night"

3 Doors Down

Although many may have written off 3 Doors Down as tired and washed up 2000s musicians, the band’s latest release may prompt old fans to pull out those old CDs for another listen. The band first took to the music scene at its formation in 1996. Now, the rock band is back with its latest, nostalgic 11-track album, “Us and the Night,” released March 11.

The band seems to have aged gracefully, at least musically. Its signature 2000s rock-band style is unmistakable on its previous albums, and “Us and the Night” is no exception. As a whole, the album’s lyrics are incohesive, but this is in stark contrast to its musical styling, which practically follows the tried-and-true 3 Doors Down format for hit songs exactly.

Tracks like “The Broken” bring listeners back to the 3 Doors Down of 2000 who rocked the music world with its first hit, “Kryptonite.” Prepare for a trip down memory lane while listening to title track “Us and the Night” with its flashback parallels in both sound and lyrics to earlier 3 Doors Down classics. Lead singer Brad Arnold’s voice at age 37 is virtually unchanged from that on his musical debut. Arnold’s stagnation is representative of the band’s entire style on this album.

Highlights on the album include the slower ballad “Pieces of Me” and the throwback jam that every middleschooler longed for, “Living in Your Hell.” If not for the tracks’ basic yet sentimental lyrics, the band’s classic soft rock sounds make these songs some of the best on the album.

Although the album provides a good listen for nostalgic fans, 3 Doors Down doesn’t bring anything new to the table with “Us and the Night.” With few exceptional tracks, the collective album feels a bit stale.