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Review: AWOLNATION album ‘Run’ stumbles on style shifts



Known for its iconic song “Sail,” electronic rock band AWOLNATION released its newest album, titled “Run,” on March 17. Overall, the album is enjoyable, with several different styles of music and a likable sound in every track. However, there are some pitfalls, including repetitively negative lyrics, that detract from the album’s appeal.

Some songs, like “Drinking Lightning,” “Holy Roller” and “Headrest for My Soul,” are calm and mellow, sounding like sweet pop songs rather than the hard rock songs typical of AWOLNATION. Others have a more expected edgy, emo feel with lots of screaming and intense instrumental parts. There are also a few of pieces that fall between the two contrasting types. They start off sweet and slow but then finish with the artists screaming the lyrics. The result is a versatile listening experience: Whatever mood someone is in, they can find a song to fit it on this album. The downside, however, is that the listener may be confused by the beat changing so inconsistently, switching from incomprehensible lyrics to acoustic guitar pieces and back again.

Additionally, if one is looking for songs with inspirational, life-changing lyrics, this album is far from enjoyable. The words get incredibly repetitive from track to track, and all of them center on an overarching negative theme. While some try to have a positive message, by the end of each song it transforms into either a sorrowful or an angry, dark tone.

Through its dynamic tempo and tone changes during the music, AWOLNATION has created a catchy, albeit off-kilter, compilation that is certainly worth a listen.