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Review: “Cry Baby” succeeds with theme of lost and twisted childhood

"Cry Baby"

Melanie Martinez

Coming back from placing in the top six in the third season of “The Voice,” Melanie Martinez certainly showcases her talent in “Cry Baby,” her first electronic, indie-pop album, released Aug. 14. In her freshman release, Martinez takes on an unhinged, twisted fairytale theme.

Despite innocent titles such as “Milk and Cookies,” “Dollhouse” and “Sippy Cup,” the songs quickly transition from an impression of innocence to a darkened, demented tone. Each song has a different identity, but as these numbers piece together, the album voices the theme of a lost and gloomy childhood. Not only do the songs flow together very easily, but the beats of the music make the album catchy and addicting. Although Martinez’s music takes a different, haunting approach, it is an enjoyable listen for any type of situation.

The bittersweet, relatable tale is supported well by Martinez’s distinct vocals that make the songs attractive to the ear. Her voice and style resemble Tove Lo, the singer of the popular song “Habits (Stay High).” Yet Martinez’s theme of a child’s transition into maturity and adulthood is executed in a creative way that makes Martinez stand out from Tove Lo as well as any other artist in the music industry.

However, if one is looking for an album that will uplift and brighten one’s mood, this album is not the one to choose. Although the songs are appealing, they have an overarching eerie tone that may leave one feeling uncomfortable.

Though the overall tone of the album is unsettling, the music is incredibly original and captivating. Martinez’s vocal talent is certainly worth a listen if one wants to hear an up-and-coming artist.