January 31, 2023
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Review: Electric-rock tracks fly on Goose’s new album

"What You Need"


The band Goose has set out to bridge the world of electronic and rock music, though it leans more heavily on the former. The Belgian band’s fourth album, “What You Need,” boasts a varied and exciting electronic sound that is only pulled down by illthoughtout vocals. “What You Need” would be a stronger album had it been devoted to the superb instrumentation.

The music makes the listener want to get up and start moving. What should often be an irritating mess of noise coalesces into a decent dance track. “Where Are We Now” combines the sound of the wind with an ’80s-style keyboard and bass. This air of mystery is unfortunately drowned out by the vocals on the track. Once the chorus ends, a whirlwind of organ and helicopter sounds permeates, but that interesting twist must again be killed by the overpowering line “is it so far?”

The lyrics are consistently forgettable and cliche, and they only serve to diminish the success of the album. The lyrics are simple and offer little in the way of deep thinking. On “Holding Hands,” the lyrics profess love: “You move me like the clouds before the sun.” This is more cringe-inducing than romantic, and it doesn’t mix well with the echoes and piano underneath.

The vocals are heavily edited, though not distorted, and come off as streamlined and inauthentic. While it’s clear the entire album has been built on a computer to some extent, the repeated utterances of the track’s title on “Fall Fall Fall” just distract from the understated and ephemeral guitar.

When Goose can let loose with sonic pleasure, “What You Need” is a memorable dance record that can affect the listener. Unfortunately, too many tracks have simplistic vocals that turn the beats and subtle notes into forgettable mainstream pop music.