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Review: Graham’s funky genre surprises

"Lukas Graham"

Lukas Graham

Following the success of his breakout hit single “7 Years,” Danish pop-soul band Lukas Graham released its self-titled album, “Lukas Graham,” on April 1.

Although most probably know the band and lead singer Lukas Graham best for “7 Years,” the group’s third album is a collection of 11 multifaceted tracks that excite the listener with each changing tune.

The album shifts genre dramatically throughout the tracks. Songs like “Take the World By Storm” are practically the definition of mainstream pop music, while tracks like “Drunk in the Morning” take a more bluesysoul tone, and “What Happened To Perfect” and “Funeral” are ’90s-style ballads. Graham experiments with all these genres, approaching rock, indie, rap and even show-tune sounds at some points. Equally enjoyable, the genres show different sides of the group. However, the pop tracks add nothing new to the music scene. The more alternative songs are true standouts on the album.

There is absolutely no cohesion to the album’s sound, but this isn’t necessarily a downfall for the band. The tracks are all compelling and overall enjoyable to listen to. However, the album does have a lyrical cohesion that is both endearing and tiresome at times.

Songs like “7 Years,” “Happy Home” and “Mama Said,” among others, reflect on Graham’s positive childhood experiences, and he gives shoutouts to his family and friends. Graham opens up about his past in this album, and that is one of its strong points.

As a whole, the album has several ups and downs, but the wild genre shifts actually work in the group’s favor. The full album may not be as popular as “7 Years” has become, but it does have other tracks worthy of attention.