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Review: ‘Khalifa’ impresses long-time fans


Wiz Khalifa

After great anticipation, Wiz Khalifa released his newest album, “Khalifa,” Feb. 5, following his single “Bake Sale,” featuring Houston artist Travis Scott, released Jan. 21. With a booming sound similar to that of the southern crunk scene, “Bake Sale” left listeners with very high hopes for “Khalifa” and eager to hear more of the artist’s cutting-edge style of music. Instead, listeners hear more of Khalifa’s singing voice on songs like “Call Waiting” and more of a rhythmic sound rather than booming.

Unsurprisingly, Khalifa is still the same nature-loving artist he was in 2010 when his first hit single, “Black and Yellow,” peaked on the charts. On his latest album, in songs like “iSay” featuring Juicy J, Khalifa promotes his personal line of Khalifa Kush, which also started an entertaining Twitter feud between him and Kanye West on Jan. 27. In his efforts to end cannabis prohibition, the rapper recently partnered with the Coloradobased company RiverRock Cannabis to create his own line of marijuana.

Though the rest of “Khalifa” might not have lived up to the buildup that “Bake Sale” established, it is worth the listen. Khalifa collaborates with artists he has worked with in the past, such as Rico Love and Juicy J, but there is something distinctive about “Khalifa” compared to albums the artist has previously released. On his song “Zoney,” listeners see a different side of the rapper when he brings his son, Sebastian, on the track. Sebastian expresses how much he loves his father and even shows some appreciation for the city of Pittsburgh. Listeners see a different side of Khalifa on this album through songs like “Elevated” and “City View” with a smooth sound and rhythmic instrumentals. This new sound establishes a developed atmosphere for the album that might attract an audience that his music in the past has not. Unlike his past albums with reflective lyrics, “Khalifa” finds the rapper singing about the grind and struggle that brought him to his success as a well-known artist.

The 28-year-old rapper has continued to impress fans with hit singles such as “We Dem Boyz,” “See You Again and “Bake Sale.” There is no doubt that Khalifa is a man full of talent, and with all the success he has had, he will be able to buy an unlimited amount of “cool pants” similar to the ones Kanye West recently criticized on Twitter. Fans will appreciate this album, which takes the listener on the journey that brought Khalifa to the top. They will also enjoy the raw feel of this album and the original sound that is a must-hear.