March 22, 2023
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Review: Kodaline deviates from original sound in new release

"Coming Up for Air"


Known for their soft vocals and ghostly sounds, Kodaline has returned with its sophomore alternative-rock album titled “Coming Up for Air.” With many “whoas” and “ohs,” Kodaline’s songs deal with the trials of romance. The band has created a record with sounds that are too dragged out and lyrics that are repetitive in each song.

Listeners may be disappointed that the band has drifted away from its old sound, which was more of an indie-rock style on Kodaline’s previous record, “In a Perfect World.” The first track on “Coming Up for Air,” called “Honest,” begins with piano keys followed by a variety of instruments such as guitar, violin and percussion to create the mellow sound. This more conventional sound is demonstrated on many of the other tracks on this album. There is also a hint of techno influence on this record.

Aside from the disappointing sound, the lyrics of the songs are quite dull and full of cliche lines that deal with the different struggles of love. Songs that demonstrate these lyrics can be especially heard in the ballads like “The One,” as well as lyrics like, “I never seen it coming/ I couldn’t read the signs/ And now I know that it means nothing/ but you are always on my mind,” from the track, “Everything Works Out in the End.” The lyrics come off as thoughtless and boring for any listener. Fans could possibly enjoy the sappy and melodious songs, but some may be expecting a more intense sound with more meaningful lyrics.

“Coming Alive” is a number that has the potential to be one of the more enjoyable songs on the record. It’s filled with guitar strums, a powerful drumbeat and a voice that sings in falsetto at moments during the song. This song showcases an edgier sound that Kodaline seems to be experimenting with on the album. Adding a nice touch to the album, this is a track that listeners can look forward to hearing.

Overall, Kodaline has released an album that unfortunately falls flat. As a result, listeners may not find pleasure in this record unless one is a fan of down-tempo tunes.