March 23, 2023
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Review: Shearwater shows of its shear talent

“Jet and Plane Oxbow”


Shearwater brings a new form of enjoyable indie rock with a mellow but upbeat feel in its newest album, “Jet and Plane Oxbow,” released Jan. 22. With a more relaxed tone, this album encompasses the theme of merely enjoying life and living in the moment.

Songs such as “Prime” and “A Long Time Away” reflect on the simple moments in life, good and bad, that make life worth living. In the group’s ninth album, Shearwater, a band formed in Austin, Texas, released 11 tracks with uplifting, bittersweet lyrics that are perfect for a long car ride or a reflective walk. Each song views a different part of life in a nostalgic, sentimental way, but they all carry the same gleeful meaning.

The vocals go along with the instrumental part of the songs very well, joining in a harmony that doesn’t make the music too loud and hard to listen to. However, the subtle pop sound is what makes the music fall under the category of indie as well. Although the tempo isn’t what one would expect from a solely rock album, it has a fast beat that is uplifting and catchy. The artistic interpretation of rock is enjoyable to listen to for any audience listener.

Even with its indie influence, the album has something for everyone. If one is looking for an epic rock ballad with a classic guitar solo, don’t let the genre the fool you. “Jet and Plane Oxbow” is a multifaceted album with much to offer. Compared to other rock albums, Shearwater’s latest is relatively calm and relaxed. The softer rock feel is much more subduing than energizing, despite the upbeat tempo of the music.

All in all, this stress-free music will put the listener’s mind at ease with it’s carefree and nostalgic style. Shearwater’s “Jet and Plane Oxbow” is an album definitely worth listening to.