April 1, 2023
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Review: Summer-inspired tracks spell success for Weezer

"The White Album"


Alternative rock band Weezer has put more emphasis on the alternative part of its genre title with its latest album. On April 1, the band came out with its fourth self-titled album to date, “Weezer (The White Album),” and it’s a slight stretch from the Weezer listeners have come to love since its first hit single, “Beverly Hills,” back in 2005. The band’s latest may have taken an edgier and less radio-pop road, but both the strong vocals and playful supporting musical tones are still very much alive.

The album features song titles like “California Kids,” “Wind in Our Sail,” “L.A Girlz” and “Endless Bummer,” which all keep the connection between Weezer and summer in California alive. As a whole, the album has an odd ability to make the listener feel both anxious yet calm at the same time. Each song is its own roller coaster in the amusement park of “Weezer (The White Album).”

When listened to all the way through, the album takes listeners through an exciting summer day. “California Kids” is the first of the 10 songs, and it immediately starts the album off with soft upbeat music and the sound of seagulls. From there, the songs continue to pick up to faster paces and syncopated rhythms, which may seem a little off at first but are redeemed by the rich vocals that keep the listener tuned in until the end.

The very last song winds down as if a day at the beach has come to an end. For all of those “Island in the Sun” fans out there, “Endless Bummer” takes listeners back to the Weezer they know best with slow tempos, an interjection of fastpaced guitar chords, then back to the original rhythm. Weezer has definitely made some changes to its sound but surely did not disappoint. Although summer is not yet here, listeners may be fooled as they kick back and give the album a listen.