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Review: The Ready Set goes for gold

"I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love"

The Ready Set

Ready, set, go check out the latest album from electronic-pop artist The Ready Set, “I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love,” released April 8. With a mixture of upbeat dance jams and heartfelt downbeats, the 12-track album is sure to please both longtime fans and new discoverers of The Ready Set.

The fast tempo and electronic tracks are reminiscent of The Ready Set’s earlier hits, but Jordan Mark Witzigreuter, the voice and lyrics behind The Ready Set, shows off a more mature tone than in his previous work, augmenting his signature electro-pop sound on his latest album.

The 12-track release is representative of The Ready Set’s style and its active role in the music scene since its origin in 2007. New tracks like “Disappearing Act” and “Being Afraid” top even The Ready Set’s previous hits with their fresh sound. The title track, “I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love,” falls short on the set list and is overshadowed by the deeper lyrics and more exciting beats of other songs. Likewise, “Should We Go Downtown” and “Good Enough” are throwaway songs when compared to stronger tracks on the album, such as “See You,” because of their shallow lyrics and unoriginal style.

Like those of similar artists, The Ready Set’s lyrics rely on the songwriter’s rollercoaster emotions, of which Witzigreuter has plenty. His up-and-down emotions make for a balanced variety of tracks on his new album.

Released just in time for the remainder of spring and summer, The Ready Set’s fourth album will impress listeners. The consistent and iconic electronic-pop sound on the album makes for fun and easy listening, and many will find it worth a listen.