February 8, 2023
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College Briefs April 25

Student documentaries to broadcast on Syracuse PBS station WCNY-TV

Three Ithaca College student documentaries produced in the college’s nonfiction production class will be broadcast 11 p.m. April 28 on PBS station WCNY.

“Curing a Genocide,” by seniors Julia Hughes, Malama Sokoni and Amanda Spiezio and junior Sean Reardon explores different approaches to solving the opioid crisis and preventing overdose deaths. “Bruce & Daryl,” by senior Joshua Jacobius and junior Alisha Tamarchenko looks at the life of a gay couple in upstate New York. “At the Table,” by seniors Steven Stewart and Alden Skeadas and junior Kristen Harrison tells the story about the legacy of Father Divine’s International Peace Mission movement.


Health professor presents research at national education conference

Hongwei Guan, associate professor in the Department of Health Promotion and Physical Education at Ithaca College, delivered a keynote presentation for the International Chinese Society for Physical Activities and Health (ICSPAH) 2019 Symposium at the Society of Health and Physical Educators conference, held from April 9 to 13 in Tampa, Florida.

The title of his presentation was “Snow Sports Safety: What China Can Learn from the US.” Guan also coordinated the ICSPAH International Leadership Forum.


Biology  students’ research featured in two prominent science journals

The research of two Ithaca College biology students, seniors Rebecca Falconer and Chris Gallego Lazo — undergraduate researchers in a lab taught by Andrew Smith, professor in the Department of Biology — was highlighted in articles from Science Daily and EurekAlert. The articles summarized their work, which characterizes the structure and mechanics of a remarkable natural glue that is produced as a defensive secretion by one species of terrestrial slug. Their work attempts to understand how the glue gains its remarkable sticking power and toughness. 

This information can be used to guide the development of novel medical adhesives and could lead to suture alternatives that are flexible and strong. 


College radio and TV stations honored by New York broadcast association

  Ithaca College’s student television and radio stations were honored by the New York State Broadcasters Association at a Regional Awards Luncheon on April 18 in Binghamton, New York. 

ICTV, WICB and VIC Radio received a combined 12 awards for outstanding on-air programming and public service. 


Seniors awarded Campus Life Award for leadership and accomplishments

 The Campus Life Award is given each year to a select group of graduating seniors  to recognize their outstanding contributions to the Ithaca College community through participation and involvement in campus life. 

In order to be nominated for this prestigious award, students must have been extensively involved in a number of areas of campus life and have demonstrated significant leadership abilities
and accomplishments.

The Campus Life Awards Committee met and selected the recipients of the 2018–19 Campus Life Awards. There are 10 graduating seniors who have made significant contributions to the college community and will be honored this year. The 2019 Campus Life Awards recipients are seniors Christian Brand, Kayla Brathwaite, Unagh Frank, Anna Gardner, Alyse Harris, Leticia Lynch, Madeleine Keppel, Carlie McClinsey, Jenna Mortenson and Avery Santiago.


Ithaca College announces recipients of annual faculty excellence awards

The Center for Faculty Excellence and the Faculty Development Committee at Ithaca College announced the recipients of the 2018–19 Faculty Excellence Awards.

The recipients are Asma Barlas, professor in the Department of Politics; Elizabeth Bleicher, associate professor in the Department of English; Chrystyna Dail, associate professor in the Department of Theatre Arts; Te-Wen Lo, assistant professor in the Department of Biology; Gordon Rowland, professor in the Department of Strategic Communication; and Robert Sullivan, associate professor in the Department of Communication Studies. 


Ithaca College professors present at national archaeology meeting

 Thomas Garrison, assistant professor in the Department of Anthropology, organized a session honoring Brown University professor Stephen Houston at the 84th annual Society for American Archaeology meeting April 10–14 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Garrison’s session  brought together many of the biggest names in Maya archaeology and presented the introductory remarks celebrating Houston’s career.

In addition to Garrison’s session, Michael Malpass, professor in the Department of Anthropology, presented a paper at the event. Malpass discussed a research report entitled “Archaeological Indicators of Cultural Affiliation: The Case of the Middle Horizon Site of Sonay, Peru.”