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Review: Singles of the week 4/28

By | Apr 28, 2022

Plan B 
Megan Thee Stallion
Record label: 300 Entertainment
Megan Thee Stallion proves her talent as a rapper in her new track, “Plan B.” Sampling the 1995 Jodeci track, “Freek ’N You,” “Plan B” is the perfect balance of nostalgic sound and personal lyrics.

‘Re:Mixing’ – “me when” with Noah Falk and Rufus Mullhaupt

By | Apr 25, 2022

In this episode of ‘Re:Mixing’, host Eva Salzman sits down with Ithaca College juniors, Noah Falk and Rufus Mullhaupt, to discuss how the tracks on their playlist have inspired their own music.

‘Re:Mixing’ – “Mysteries and High Places” with Luke Keller

By | Apr 12, 2022

In this episode of ‘Re:Mixing’, host Eva Salzman sits down with Luke Keller, professor of physics and astronomy at Ithaca College, to discuss the inspirations behind his playlist “Mysteries and High Places”.

Review: Charli XCX release is everything but a crash

By | Mar 31, 2022

“Crash” proves to be an encyclopedia of pop, featuring a number of iconic artists.

Review: Hulu original movie shows the dangers of online dates

By | Mar 9, 2022

“Fresh” showcases the dating world for women being a place of danger and risk.

Queer sex work exhibit educates IC students

By | Mar 3, 2022

Ajamu X’s section of the “On Our Backs: The Revolutionary Art of Queer Sex Work” exhibition in the Handwerker gallery displays queer literature.

Review: “Euphoria” writing takes a big hit

By | Mar 2, 2022

Through the writing suffered in season two of “Euphoria” the acting, soundtrack and visual elements make it worth the watch.

Review: Mitski uses ‘Laurel Hell’ as a heartfelt departure

By | Feb 17, 2022

“Laurel Hell” acts as Mitski’s bittersweet farewell to the burden of her success.

‘Re:Mixing’ – “In-person Cyberbullying” with Alexis Manore and Frankie Walls

By | Dec 9, 2021

In this episode of Re:Mixing, host Eva Salzman sits down with Editor in Chief Alexis Manore and Managing Editor Frankie Walls.

Student musicians rebuild Ithaca College music culture

By | Dec 8, 2021

One of his biggest worries student musicians have with the absence of house shows is the dying local performance culture.

Review: Singles for the week 11/22

By | Nov 30, 2021

Singles for the week 11/22.

Column: Horror genre has relied on female sexuality

By | Nov 17, 2021

Since early horror films like “The Phantom of The Opera,” the genre has relied heavily on using women and their sexuality for its plots.