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September 23, 2020   |   Ithaca, NY

Academic festivals provide engaging and diverse learning opportunities

By | Jan 30, 2020

Diverse speakers fill gaps in the curriculum and allow students to see how much industries have changed. 

A new campus climate survey is necessary for impactful change

By | Jan 29, 2020

For the revisions to have lasting impacts, the data used must reflect the current student population — not one from four years past. 

Editorial: Police need repercussions after excessive use of violence

By | Jan 23, 2020

It is unrealistic to expect a college town to not have college parties, and it especially is wrong for a person to be treated like a dangerous criminal when they do. 

Editorial: Stopping microaggressions starts in the classroom

By | Jan 23, 2020

Although there is an inherent power dynamic among professors and students, both should be held responsible when they make comments that are insensitive.

Public Safety Logs Nov. 8-Nov. 10

By | Nov 28, 2018

November 8
Medical Assist/Illness Related
Location: Tallcott Hall
SUMMARY: Caller reported person coughing, unable to speak and having a hard time moving.

College Briefs Nov. 8

By | Nov 7, 2018

Forum to focus on midterm results and highlight key issues and races
The Park Center for Independent Media will be holding a public forum from 4 p.m.

Commentary: The Ithacan strives to be more inclusive

We’re here to represent you, to listen to you and honor your stories. We hope you join us on this journey to becoming a more representative, inclusive community newspaper.

Public Safety Logs Sept. 17-Sept. 21

By | Oct 3, 2018

September 17
Assist Other Police Agencies
Location: Off Campus
SUMMARY: Tompkins County 911 Center reported vehicle left the scene of a property damage motor vehicle accident.

Public Safety Logs Sept. 10-Sept. 14

By | Sep 26, 2018

September 10
Fire Alarm Accidental
Location: Circle Apartments Building 181
SUMMARY: Simplex reported fire alarm.

College Briefs Sept. 27

By | Sep 26, 2018

College library hosts programs in honor of Banned Books Week
In celebration of Banned Books Week, the library’s Research Help Desk will display banned books.

Public Safety Logs Sept. 3-Sept. 8

By | Sep 19, 2018

September 3
Fire Alarm Accidental
Location: Circle Apartments Building 171
SUMMARY: Simplex reported fire alarm.

Editorial: College on track for more sustainable future

By | Sep 19, 2018

The Office of Energy Management and Sustainability should be applauded for the work it has done to accelerate the college’s progress toward its goal.