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Talk the talk, walk the walk

By | Apr 15, 2010

Almost two years ago, The Ithacan wrote in the editorial “All Bark, No Bite,” that the Student Government Association executive board at the time needed to offer more concise solutions to campus problems. Little has changed since then.

On a high note

By | Apr 15, 2010

At the end of every academic year, The Ithacan recognizes graduating students for their outstanding contributions to the college community.

Alum congratulates senior class

By | Apr 15, 2010

Seniors, in August 2006, I stood before you in the Hill Center offering you my warmest welcome to the Ithaca College community. Now, nearly 2 million minutes later, Commencement is upon you, and you are preparing for your next journey. I challenged you at your Convocation to do three things with your time at IC:…

Classes need to be more hands-on

By | Apr 15, 2010

Classes emphasizing community-based learning have had an outstanding impact on my being. Namely, the Sustainable Communities seminar with Elan Shapiro, History of American Environmental Thought with Michael Smith, and Grant and Proposal Writing with Patricia Spencer. Through these courses, I engaged in meaningful community partnerships. With Sew Green I learned the inner-workings of a nonprofit…

Tic Toc

By | Apr 14, 2010

I remember the first time my dad mentioned You Tube to me. “Have you seen Tube You?” he said. He tends to do that, switch around the words in things. Common ones include him asking us to watch “Face Scar” and “The Dude’s Lebowski.” “What are you saying?” my sister and I said. We had…

Choosing the right path

By | Apr 9, 2010

With the recent announcement of Provost Kathleen Rountree stepping down and the hiring of two new deans at the college, President Tom Rochon is at a crucial crossroads in his tenure.

Public Safety Log – March 24 to March 28

By | Apr 9, 2010

Selected entries from March 24 to March 28

NBC ‘Today’ editor to discuss student financial concerns

By | Apr 9, 2010

Jean Chatzky, financial editor for NBC’s “Today” show and award-winning journalist, will give a lecture titled “Money 911: Teaching Americans to Cope Financially in a Changing World” at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday in Emerson Suites. Her presentation is part of the Jessica Savitch Distinguished Journalism Lecture Series sponsored by the Roy H. Park School of Communications…

The real world

By | Apr 9, 2010

As students approach the end of the school year, summer plans begin to form. The summer is often a time to relax, but it can also be seen as a chance to explore a chosen field through internships, jobs and volunteer work.

Suicide calls for sensitive reactions

By | Apr 9, 2010

I was greatly shocked by the attitude of Jennifer Streid-Mullen, the director of the Suicide Prevention Center (March 25, “Cornell Campus shaken after suicides”). But first, I would like to applaud The Ithacan and the writer Taylor Long for tackling such a difficult story. In the past, there have been on-campus suicides that have not…

Senior revisits most meaningful courses

By | Apr 9, 2010

With two months left in my four-year stretch at Ithaca College, I have taken classes that were time well spent and some that I have forgotten about. But, I can’t help feeling a little regret for not making the most out of each semester. With the mandatory major requirements, we lose our freedom to choose.…

Ethnomusicology adds new dimension to academia

By | Apr 9, 2010

The Anthropology of Music and the World Music Labs are two courses in the area of ethnomusicology (the study and practice of all musics) now offered in anthropology at Ithaca College. Ethnomusicologists study culture through music and sound.