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Suicide debate needs to change

By | Apr 2, 2010

After first hearing of the recent tragedies at Cornell University, it has become clear to me that our society still regards mental health and suicide as taboo topics. The media’s lopsided coverage of Cornell’s recent suicides proves just that

Texas school reforms leave progress behind

By | Apr 2, 2010

As President Obama promised more progressive goals for public schools, the Texas State Board of Education approved new social studies curriculum rooted in conservative ideology, the superiority of capitalism and limited discussions on the implications of social constructs.

Podcasting combines old and new learning tools

By | Apr 2, 2010

Podcasting has been hailed as a medium with the potential to revolutionize education — part of what Will Richardson calls “the Big Shift” in instructional technology in his “Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms.” While podcasts offer a novel means for delivering content, it has increasingly become the duty of educators…

Advertising turns creepy

By | Apr 2, 2010

One T-Pain song. I bought one T-Pain song. I had some leftover iTunes money — thanks, Grandma! — and got a song recommendation from a friend with solid musical taste, i.e., he doesn’t listen to Taylor Swift. So I bought one T-Pain song. And what do you think iTunes recommended? A bunch of songs I…

Public Safety Log – March 12 to March 18

By | Apr 1, 2010

Selected entries from March 12 to March 18

The Right pick for the top

By | Apr 1, 2010

Ithaca College announced yesterday morning that Diane Gayeski has been named dean of the Roy H. Park School of Communications. The Ithacan would like to congratulate Gayeski and commend the college for choosing the right candidate for the job.

Be resourceful

By | Apr 1, 2010

The multiple suicides at Cornell University in the past month highlight an ongoing problem on college campuses. It is important for Ithaca College students to be aware of available resources on campus to help prevent suicide.

Gayeski named Park School dean

By | Mar 31, 2010

Diane Gayeski has been named dean of the Roy H. Park School of Communications, Ithaca College announced this morning.

Gayeski is best choice for Park

By | Mar 30, 2010

As Ithaca College faces a time of crisis in higher education, combating demographic shifts while trying to keep education affordable, the Roy H. Park School of Communications finds itself making a crucial decision about who will help shape the school’s future. Park needs someone who understands not only the challenges the college faces, but also…

Public Safety Log – March 5 to March 9

By | Mar 26, 2010

Selected entries from March 5 to March 9

Time to get off the island

By | Mar 25, 2010

Inactivity on the communication school’s Second Life island signals need for change in educational approach to technology

Virtual island is a waste of money

By | Mar 25, 2010

Upon reading the front page of the last issue, I was shocked to learn that the school has been spending $1,800 a year on what is essentially a video game. What does the school say to a student facing a $1,000 scholarship shortfall for the coming year? That they should forget about college for now…